Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Review

The Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Review says that pneumatic tools, and accessories was first introduced in 1982 by Harbor freight to meet a growing demand for various use in different fields with good quality and affordable price. Other popular Central pneumatic tools are also sold including impact wrenches, grinders, ratchets and sanders. The Harbor freight tools are having headquartered in California and operates more than 350 retail stores located in 46 states as well their online store. They were originally founded in 1977 and are a privately held company with over 10,000 employees.

Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Review

I bought a Central Pneumatic Air Compressor about 18 months ago. The one limitation of this compressor is that if you are using a tool that needs a constant PSI of more than 90, it can’t support. The compressor stops when achieve the PSI which you have set by the regulator but then it does not turn back on until it drops to 90 PSI. I bought the extended warranty for about $30 with the advice of clerk and she was right. I had to enjoy the warranty recently after about 1.5 years of light use and they have replaced it without any issue. With Central Pneumatic air compressor, don’t spend a lot for this important piece of equipment. While Central Pneumatic tools are available with low price, you can get a better one. Harbor freight promotes its products through all types of advertising including mailing, newspaper, magazine as well as their own website.

Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Review for Warranty

My old compressor was red and it was replaced by the new black compressor and has a better handling facility. But, the shut-off valve to the hose of new one was like the old compressor. I bought another 2 year warranty for $30. So, for $30 every one to two years I can have a new compressor. Central Pneumatic compressors have a complete 90 days warranty from the date of billing to ensure your product does not any faults in workmanship and materials.

Online Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Review

Kobalt and Campbell Hausfeld are 2 competitors of Central Pneumatic compressors in market. If you read reviews online for these competitors, you will find that ‘low costing’ is common. If you will go to website of Harbor freight and you will see lot of client’s testimonials with satisfaction on compressors. Additionally you may find up to a 20% off Harbor freight coupon that can help you in buying Central pneumatic air compressor. Many low hp compressors are actually more efficient than higher hp models. Also, the difference between a 120 max PSI and 150 max PSI compressors is not really important since most tools have a recommended pressure setting of less than 100 PSI.

Common Uses for Air Compressors

  • Airbrushing
  • Blowing off dust and blowing out sprinklers
  • Building a shed, garden box, sand box, deck
  • Cleaning guns and crown molding
  • Grinding and stapling
  • Inflating car tires, bike tires
  • Installing flooring or roof shingles
  • Painting and sandblasting
  • Taking off lug nuts on wheels
  • Trimming windows and doors

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